OMG - Inside View Of This World's Biggest Toy Shopping Store In Dubai Will Make You Crazy

The largest shopping center in the whole world. The name of the center is Dubai Mall. We found a lot of lovely shops over there, but the most interesting was the toys shop. The name of it was Hamleys and the toys inside this shop were amazing. We decided to walk around and check everything. At the beginning Sammie saw a car from Carrera make with Mario and Yoshi. Sammie has the same car with Mario. And he really likes it. The small robot was invited everybody in the shop. We went into the infants section. The toys were great, but Sammie wasn't interested of those toys. On the shelf with Puppet Monsters Daddy and Sammie tried to make a show. It was really cool. Then we saw Thomas and friends section. The section with kinetic sand was awesome. We could see different kinds of sand, even in color gold. Then we saw Play-Doh section and of course, section with bikes and cars. Daddy's dream is to have a sport - best toys for babies, toys for men, toys for boys, amazing toys, unbelievable toys, dubai toys, china toys unbelievable, toys cars, baby toys, racing toys, most expensive toys, extraordinary toys, toy of the year 2016, most wanted toys.

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