Crazy - What Will Happen With Our Planet Earth After 100 Million Years??? Interesting But Shocking

Our Planet Earth is only planet which actually have life. Humans, animals, birds and other living creatures. It is a part of SUN. It is bigger than moon. It can produce plants and trees. Weather of Earth planet changes. But this thing is also understood that one day it will be finish.
Atmosphere of our planet is changes every year. now imagine our planet ravaged by storm-force winds subjected to extreme giant freezies heat waves and droughts a world where cities are crushed and destroyed where Africa travels New York underfoot and one freezes at the North Pole the geological future of New York is going to be rather traumatic North America and Europe are going to collide with one another the world as we know it will be unrecognizable. One day all the glaciers will melt. and our planet will be totally change and then finish,

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