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Number 7: The 1972 Andes Flight Disaster October 13th, 1972: Uruguayan Flight 571 crashes into the Andes mountains, immediately killing 12 of the 45 passengers on board. Several others would die before they could be rescued. Over the next two months, the survivors endured harsh winter weather, avalanches, & resorted to extreme measures to survive. The chartered flight departed on October 12th while transporting the Old Christians Club rugby union team along with members' friends & family from Montevideo, Uruguay heading for Santiago, Chile for a match. But due to bad weather conditions, the plane landed in Mendoza, Argentina to wait out the storm. It departed again the next day with its 45 passengers to finish its journey, which included flying over the Andes mountain range. Because of the weather, the pilot was unable to fly his plane over the mountains & instead, was forced to fly around them.

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