14 Times Bollywood Celebrities Had No Any Idea About What They Were Doing On Indian Magazine Covers

Times might have changed N0w but the embarrassing C0vers remain. Because lnternet. & while most celebs would want them to be erased 4rm public memory, we beg to differ. After aII, these magazine covers are the stuff art is made up 0f.

1 - Akshay Kumar trying to find C minor ch0rd 0n Karisma Kapoor's leg

2 - When Vinod Khanna marked to chuck Bollywood & become a Jedi master instead

3 - The famiIy that dresses together, stays T0gether

4 - That's what happens when U accidentally walk int0 the men's changing room

5 - That moment when U're hurt but a beautiful girl passes by.

6 - That moment when Ur friend gives U an arm bar & Ur parents walk in so U have to pretend as if U're just playing

7 - That moment when Rekha loved the Batman logo S0 much, she marked to wear it

8 - Proof that Dimpla Kapadia Ioves Johnson's baby shamp0o

9 - Not sure where the body ends & the suit begins

10 - My daddy strongest


11 - MutuaI admiration level 99999

12 - Long before he made those 6 pack abs, SRK was happy with 0ne pack

13 - Do dost ek sweater pehnenge. Isse piyar badhta hay

14 - Because fuck PETA

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