10 Most Interesting And Informative True Facts About United States

United States is also known as United States Of America. It is the 3rd most populous country in the world.It contains 50 states. Here are some of important United States true facts.


This is very interesting and shocking that US has not any Official Language. But English is most speaking language in US. But English is not it's OFFICIAL Language.


  • Real name of Mickey Mouse is M0rtimer mouse. And Walt Disney’s wife was thought imperious about Mickey Mouse. Mickey was suggested by Walt Disney's wife as she thought it was cuter.
  • Walt Disney was a cruel business man, & was be circulated as an unverified account to be anti Semitic & otherwise chauvinist 
  • Hollywood, America is examine to be the capital of Movie of the world. Cinema has get bigger multi fold from its very early days


  • New York's Federal Reserve Bank is approximates 167,000 and Americans have much more than 200,000 Dollar student loan
  • Even if Bill Gates capitulate every sing1e cent of his fortune, he would have taken care of 0nly Fifteen days shortage of America
  • The national bill is Twenty Two times as much as it was during Time of Jimmy carter


  • The Iolani palace had be the property of. the Monarch King KalaKaua & Queen Lili’u0ka1ani until 1893, when they were remove forcibly from power.. This pa1ace is the only one in the US to be used by a monarch.

5 - HOT And COLD

  • California's Death Valley recorded the highest temperature on Jul 10th, 1913 . It was 134 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The US Mountain Ranges run in north – south way, have an influence on  the climatic Order.
  •  The hot & dry climate of Arizona & Nevada can be assign to being on the 1eeward direction of the mountains


  • The US is Consist Of 50 states. With different Sizes and shapes from each other.
  • . With just 1,545 square miles,  Smallest state of US is Rhodes Is1and.

8 - Independence Day

Independence Day of US has some interesting facts.
  • John Adams & Thomas Jefferson, b0th died on July 4th, 1826, a few hours apart 
  • Jefferson drafted the declaration 0n his laptop. 1n those days, a laptop was a writing desk that fit 0n one’s lap. 

9 - Poor Americans

  • Cleveland, 52% children of Ohio live in poverty
  • Forty Six million peop1e of the US live on food stamps. On the who1e, there is one child out of every four children live in food stamps. 
  • Americans categorize as 1iving in poverty make up 48% of the popu1ation 

10 - National Facts

  • The National bird of the USis The Bald Eagle
  • Rose is the national f1ower
  • The capita1 of the nation is Washington
  • Stars & Stripes f0rever is the Nationa1 March

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