World's Biggest Man Made Chemical Leakage In Bhopan, India

There are many cases about leakage of chemicals. But not a huge of loss happened. Sometimes chemical factories through their wastage in streams and rivers and that affects the water animals. But BHOPAL chemical leakage is world's biggest and worst chemical leakage ever happening.

About 30 Years ago, An Incident at union carbide  pesticide plant in Bhopal, India escaped a huge of chemical gas. That was about thirty tons. Their are many highly toxic gases like methyl isocynate and other poisonous gases. Near the gas leakage, their are many small towns where aproximately 60000 people were living. That gas leakage effects them all and about 15000 were died due to this leakage.
The owners and the employees of that leakage company was heavily punished. and a huge fine for creating that worst environmental disaster. 

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