Top 10 Highly Polluted Cities In The World

Increament in auto technology also increases pollution. Now it has incircle whole the world. Many of them are very beautiful from their appearance but their atmosphare contains a lot of dangreous chemicals. Here are the top 10 most polluted cities in the world.

10 - Lahore - Pakistan

There is no doubt that Lahore is one of the beautiful city of Pakistan. But due a huge population and use of vehicles has made it so contaminate City. In 2003, As stated by 2003 Data, With an annual mean figure of 200 mcg/m3, Lahore is 3rd Most populated city of Pakistan and Lahore has 10th number on the list of world's  most populated cities.

9 - Kanpur. India

Kanpur is also a beautiful city with A Population of 2.551 Million People in it. now it has became the world's 9th most polluted city. As mentioned in 2008 Data, With an annual mean figure of 209 mcg/m3, Kanpur has 2nd Number in India And 9th number in world as most populated country.

8 - Yasuj. Iran

There is no doubt that Yasuj has many naturaly resources and naturaly places. but it has pollution as well as nature. As stated by 2009 Data, With an annual mean figure of 209 mcg/m3, Yasuj is 4th most contaminate city in IRAN and 8th in world.

7 - Gaborone. Botswana

Gaborone has a Population of 231,592. As Mentioned In 2005 Data, With an annual mean figure of 216 mcg/m3. It has number 1 As Most populated city in Botswana and in list of World it has 7th number.

6 - Peshawar, Pakistan

Peshawar Has a population of 982,816. It is much known for bomb blasting and terririost attacks, Now it has become Pakistan's Second and world's Sixth most poluted city according to With an annual mean figure of 219 mcg/m3 2003 Data.

5 - Kermanshah, Iran

Kermenshah has a population of 851,404. As mentioned in 229, With an annual mean figure of 229 mcg/m3, Kermansha is now Third most polluted city in Iran and fifth in world.

4 - Ludhiana, India

Ludhiana has a population of 1.398 Million. As Stated in 2008 Data, With an annual mean figure of 251 mcg/m3. Ludhiana is the India's Most polluted city and 4th in World.

3 - Sanandaj, Iran

Sanandaj has a population of 373,987. It is a beautiful city but it has a huge of pollution in it.As mentioned in 2009, With an annual mean figure of 254 mcg/m3. Now it has became world's 3rd most polluted city.

2 - Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Ulan Bator, Mongolia Has a population of 1.345 Million. As mentioned in 2008 Data, with an annual mean figure of 279 mcg/m3. Now It has became world's Second most polluted city.

1 - Ahvaz, Iran

Ahvaz, Iran Has a population of  1.112 Million. As mentioned in 2009 Data, with an annual mean level of 372 mcg/m3. Now it is the world's Most polluted city

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