A Heavy And Dangerous Earthquake After A Long Time In Pakistan 26 Oct, 2015 - HDHUT

 A Very heavy earthquake w1th magnitude 7.7 happened in surrounding of Feyzabad, Afghanistan at 09:09:32.70 UTC on Oct 26, 2015.
the origin of the earthquake was KOH e HINDUKUSH at the origin, the magnitude was 8.1 and in the surrounding the magnitude was 7.7. Fortunately there's no  popularity at the origin.And that's why there is no destruction scene in Pakistan until.
The earthquake of 2005 which is considered as the most devastating had the magnitude of 7.6 - 7.8 and second destructive earthquake of 2008 had magnitude of 6.4.
Now the most amazing thing noted is that all these earthquakes occurred in the month October

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