10 Most Amazing Movable Bridges From All Around The World

Movable bridges can move and cut into parts in order to allow boats and barges. It makes transport easier and easier.An good advantage of making bridges movable is the lower cost, due to the absence of high piers and long approaches. Here are the ten amazing movable bridges

10 - John Pass

It is a rolling bascule bridge on a river. and allows boats and barges by move It's one side vertically.

9 - Jiefang Bridge

It is a simple bascule bridge. It allows boats and barges by move both sides of it verticaly. it also looks like a butterfly.

8 - Vizcaya Bridge

It is a transporter bridge, it load with vehicles and then move to the other side. it is easy way of transport.

7 - 22 Drawbridges in Saint Petersburg

It is also a simple bascule bridge, You can see here about 22 drawbridges which are used to allow traffic and boats.

6 - Russian Bridge

It is a simple bascule russian bridge. it also allow boats by move both sides of it vertically.

5 - Foryd Harbour Bridge

It is a butter fly bridge.It looks very nice and works very well.. it also seems like a butterfly. it alows boats by moving its both sides vertically.

4 - Gateshead Millennium Bridge

It is a butterfly bridge. it is a amazing type of movable bridge. it can allow more boats and barges to move by moving  like a butterfly.

3 - Pegasus Bridge

It is rolling bridge,It allows boats by moving vertically.

2 - Bascule Bridge

It Is a Verticle lift bridge. it also works very well and easy to control. it allows boats and barges by moving vertically.

1 - Slauerhoff Bridge

Now this is the number one movable bridge which move vertical and allow boats and barges to move otherside.

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